Friday, October 29, 2004

Tie Me Up

7.35 Six Minutes Late

Feeling ... Well, here's the list - See if you can work it out ....

The Boy With The Arab Strap - Belle & Sebastian
I Want You - Elvis Costello
Love Becomes A Savage - The Lilac Time
Fugitive Motel - Elbow
So. Central Rain - REM
Private Universe - Crowded House
Doing The Unstuck - The Cure
Tie Me Up - Cinerama

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

The Name Of This Thing Is Not Love

17.17 Five Minutes Late
Sometimes you get a feeling about a person. There might be some spurious reason for it or there might be no reason at all, but you think: 'mad as a weasel', 'good guy', 'tosser'...'potential stalker'. Whatever.

I've been dealing with a punter for about a month now. Every time I've spoken to him I've had a picture of
this man in my head. I knew he lived alone. His mother had recently died. I had abandoned my usual principles and been quite kind to him. Ten days ago his problem was all sorted out. No further reason to ring. No need to drip feed me any more details of his life. Last week I had a call - something else had happened, it wasn't a problem but I might like to know. Well, no, not really, but "Thanks for calling".

Yesterday he made another call. I asked PerfectTeamMember to take a message, but it seems it was far too complicated for that. He needed to speak to me, personally. I phoned back. It was a strange call. Nothing PerfectTeamMember couldn't have written down & passed on to me (he's not called 'PerfectTeamMember' for nothing, after all) plus some odd conversation about the wine bar across the road. Still, "Thanks for calling".

He rang again today.

Before I returned this call I went into LineManager's office and asked what our stalking policy was. We don't have one, apparently. I returned the call. He told me he still couldn't find the letter he'd been telling me about yesterday... and... is this call being recorded? My heart was in my boots by this point ... There were pictures forming in my head that wouldn't go away... Luckily, all he did was ask me out for lunch.

"Oh. I'm crestfallen. I'll just have to ring you every day until you say 'yes'."

We have a stalking policy now.

The Name Of This Thing Is Not Love - Elvis Costello
Give Judy My Notice - Ben Folds
Race - Leaves
Here Comes The Ocean - Roddy Frame
One Thousand Ways - Wolf Colonel
Bend And Break - Keane
Hackensack - Fountains Of Wayne
Redground - Astrid


Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Teenage Kicks

17.17 Seven Minutes Late
So, there I was, enjoying a chatty email from my friend J, when in the middle of it she types "I just heard on the radio that John Peel's died"

The Office confirms it via BBC News.

I thought I'd ditch today's playlist and go for a "John Peel Tribute List" instead, then I had another look at what I'd already got lined up.

I think it will do as it stands.

Kings Crossing - Elliott Smith
Mellow Doubt - Teenage Fanclub
Turn You Inside-Out - REM
Sometimes - Ash
Like Dylan In The Movies - Belle & Sebastian
Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want This Time - The Smiths
A Day In Space - Ballboy
To Wish Impossible Things - The Cure
Quick, Before It Melts - Cinerama

Monday, October 25, 2004

A Distorted Reality Is Now A Necessity

17.17 Fifteen Minutes Late

Feeling: Glum

Listening To: From a Basement On The Hill - Elliott Smith

(apologies to the good people who are here as a result of Googling "Brain Of Britain" . You must be very disappointed. But if you know anything leave me a message...)

Thursday, October 21, 2004

It Could Be Worse, I Could Be Listening To Leonard Cohen...Oh, I Am

7.35 Twenty Five Minutes Late OR 8.13 Thirteen minutes early?
As an unscheduled train pulls into the station it's a chose-your-own adventure.

Luckily, my train-cock up senses have been tingling and I am early for the 8.13 so able to hop straight onboard and settle down to enjoy the free trip to The End Of The Line. It's been a while since I've had a good look at the Airport and Prison, sorry, Holiday Camp.

It's at times like these that I really LOVE my mp3 player.

An InvisibleConductor announces: "Sorry for the delay to the 7.35 service which is due to a problem with the engine" his voice takes on an edge of bitterness "as you can tell, as we have very few lights and no heating" he ploughs on "also, due to the weather conditions, some trees were on the line".

His day is clearly going to be far worse than mine.

"Oh, and, we won't be able to sell any tickets"

There is a muted cheer.

I Wasn't Scared Of Flying - Stephen Duffy
Numbered Days - Eels
The Zephyr Song - Red Hot Chilli Peppers
Some Might Say - Oasis
True Faith - New Order
Vehicles & Animals - Athlete
B-Movie - Elvis Costello
Untouchable - Rialto
Just The Way I'm Feeling - Feeder
Uncorrected Personality Traits - Robyn Hitchcock
Turn - Travis
Hallelujah - Leonard Cohen


Wednesday, October 20, 2004

22.49 On Time
A trying day. For openers, there's the presence of a stone-faced, like a smile would kill you? EmilyHowardColleague during this morning's meeting. Followed up by "Here's the number of a bloke I just pissed off, who wants to speak to a manager" from LaidBackColleague. To top it off an: "I've waited fourteen minutes and twenty six seconds to speak to you, is this a record?" Caller. I mean WHAT DO YOU EXPECT ME TO SAY???? "I don't know, ring the Guinness book of records and ask" is obviously not an option, but it is tempting.

Anyway, after work Leanne & I go for a drink to discuss impending team changes. LineManager says they are imminent. Whether I like it or not (not!) I will lose either Charlie or LovelyTeamMember to Leanne. We are here to thrash it out. Amicably. Imagine our surprise when we discover Charlie, already ensconced in the pub, dining with a Mystery Brunette. She blanks us BOTH. Several times. Not even a semi-nod or half-wave.

She has sealed her own fate.

Footnote: To the TwatTwins - Yes, Labradors are more intelligent than you. They wouldn't need telling twice. And they wouldn't take "I'm chatting with my friend" to mean anything other than "Fuck off and leave us alone you moron" would they?

Me Ves Y Sufres - Hope of the States
Sadness on my Back - Hope of the States
Nehemiah - Hope of the States
GoodHorseHymn - Hope of the States
1776 - Hope of the States
The Black Amnesias - Hope of the States
Enemies/Friends - Hope of the States
66 Sleepers to Summer - Hope of the States

Monday, October 18, 2004

Whatever's Happened To Robert Robinson?

For the second week in a row I've been able to listen to Brain of Britain.
For the second week - no Robert Robinson. What's going on? The digital display said 'chaired by Robert Robinson'. I did a quick Google, and he doesn't seem to have died while I was on holiday. So, BBC, what are you playing at?

(If you are ill, Mr Robinson, please get well soon. What's the point in having Mondays off if you're not going to be around to tease wild and random guesses out of hesitant contestants?)

Saturday, October 16, 2004

Things I remember from last night are ...

Talking about:
1) blogs

2) hair
3) The Great September Complaints Competition (Charlie won)
4) Cheeseheads
5) cheese

6) other cheeses

Being told, after asking for "just a redbull", that I'd ended up with 2 double vodka's and a redbull. Still not sure how that happened.

There was a dramatic reconstruction of the moment, in a hotel room in Boston, that I realised I'd left my purse in the rental car we'd dropped off an hour earlier. And the following (very long) moments.

There was something going on between Charlie & Leanne that I didn't understand. And some other stuff going on that I couldn't comprehend. It's probably best not to know too much about some things that happen on Leaving Do's.

But no one got hit. As far as I'm aware...

Thursday, October 14, 2004

17.17 Five Minutes Late
You know when you have to read something so mundane that your brain tries to keep itself awake by substituting the words it wishes it were reading for the words that are actually there ? Well, today I received a cautionary email which apparently read:

"In an attempt to gain access to the homes of pensioners in ANorthernTown a man disguised himself as a cocktail waitress..."

Oh, and tomorrow is UPTC's leaving do. Bags not me getting thumped.

Just the Way I'm Feeling - Feeder
Shiver - Coldplay
Fidelity - Starsailor
This is the Last Time - Keane
Universal Traveller - Air
He's Simple, He's Dumb, He's The Pilot - Grandaddy
Protection - Massive Attack
Footsteps Fall - Eddi Reader
Wreck of the Beautiful - Divine Comedy

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

7.35 Four Minutes Late
Someone has been busy at the station while I've been away. There are lots of new signs warning us that trains are very dangerous and that that wooshing noise they make is train-language for "keep well back or I will suck you onto my tracks and you will end up very dead ". Someone has also been painting yellow 'warning' lines everywhere and there are BIG letters along the edge of the platform helpfully advising us to "Mind the Gap" .

Except at one point. Where Someone has painted "Gap the Mind".

I like to think it was intentional.

You Fall - Jason Anderson
The Calendar Hung Itself- Bright Eyes
Oh Well, Okay - Elliott Smith
Song For The Dumped - Ben Folds Five
Annie Waits - Ben Folds
Nice Dream- Radiohead
6 Underground - Sneaker Pimps
Missing - Everything But The Girl
Saturday - The Rabbits

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Everything Must Go

17.17 Three Minutes Late
There I was, fresh from being "Girlonthe'T' ", all ready to bound into the office refreshed, renewed and eager to face up to the many several challenges of a shiny new day, all ready to sing the praises of these guys and this place ... but what's this? ... What greets me on my return? Some things are not in their right space on my desk. My "To Be Done" and "Waiting" files are in the wrong place entirely and, worst of all, my filing cabinet has been moved ... all for 'health and safety reasons' apparently. The slightly vague explanation is that some stuff has to be a metre away from some other stuff. Oh, and, if THAT wasn't bad enough (I mean, where are my post-its? my highlighter pens? my stapler?) UPTC's move seems to have come too late to save us completely as LaidBackColleauge has got another job. Gutted.

If I Were A Carpenter - Tim Hardin
Mellow Doubt - Teenage Fanclub
For Emily, Whenever I May Find Her - Simon & Garfunkel
Sell All My Things - Rosie Thomas
Northern Sky - Nick Drake
El Matador - Semisonic
Rainy Greys & Blues - Roddy Frame
Talk About The Passion - REM


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